Audi-we Do It?


Phoenix Motor Centre once again, leapt into action as a customer brought in their defective Audi A5. The car, being a beautiful 2008 model with a 3 litre engine, had our customer perplexed as to why they could hear noises coming from within the gear box.
4Phoenix wasted no time in what felt like taking the entire car to pieces to solve the issue! After some in depth digging and work on the cobalt blue Audi1 A5, we discovered that the dual mass flywheel had been completely broken up; hence the gearbox noises. Not only is this a huge inconvenience to the driver for the noise, but it is also incredibly dangerous. This Audi A5 model has 172 horsepower; it packs a punch! So we had to ensure that it was fixed correctly as not to incur any future accidents. 

After some deliberation between the team, we decided to replace not only the dual mass flywheel, but the clutch, the clutch drive plate and the clutch release bearing! It was a considerable job, taking no less than six hours with our combined efforts.

3We are just happy to say that we successfully fixed the issues with the 2Audi and it is now up and running better than ever. Another proud day for Phoenix Motor Centre.

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