Audi-we Do It?

Phoenix Motor Centre once again, leapt into action as a customer brought in their defective Audi A5. The car, being a beautiful 2008 model with a 3 litre engine, had our customer perplexed as to why they could hear noises coming from within the gear box. Phoenix wasted no time in what felt like taking the entire car to pieces [...]

Mercedes Gearbox Issue?

Our Phoenix Motor Centre experts went all Greased Lightning once again; this time on a sleek Mercedes A class automatic gearbox. A customer from Rayleigh came in complaining of trouble changing gears on their automatic gearbox, so Phoenix Motors leapt to the task. The Mercedes A Class we had to work with belonged to a regular customer of ours and we [...]

Tank Up Responsibly With Your Mercedes!

Tank Up Responsibly With Your Mercedes! A customer from Brentwood came into the workshop complaining of an odd banging that they could hear when driving their Mercedes. Unfortunately, fuel tanks can become heavily rusted or even contaminated. They can be cleaned but it is a mammoth task that only the very brave are willing to do! At Phoenix Motor Centre, [...]

The Audi A5 Clutch Replacement!

How Did We Do It? Recently, we here at Phoenix Motor Centre had a clutch replacement on a beautiful Audi A5 model from 2009; and what a job! The A5 is a hugely popular model in the Audi range that spans Coupé, Sportback and the Cabriolet. Beautiful, sleek and fast; it was crucial that the clutch replacement be sorted as [...]

Porsche Clutch

Slipping Clutch on Porsche Boxter. Removal of gearbox to replace all 3 parts of the Clutch. Contact Phoenix Motor Centre-01268 786866

BMW Timing chain

BMW Timing chain damage caused by lack off oil changes. .   Keep your oil changes regular and save yourselves money. Contact-Phoenix Motor Centre-01268 786866

Audi S5 Clutch

AUDI S5 Clutch slipping total strip down off vehicle to remove engine and gearbox.   Contact Phoenix Motor Centre - 01268 786866  

Heater not working on Mini Cooper

  Mini Cooper: Heater fan not working on any speed checked motor and found to be seized.New motor required. Total strip down off dashboard to replace motor. Contact- Phoenix Motor Centre LTD 01268 786866