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BG Products

Fuel and Air Intake System Products – These products are for restoring power and MPG, reducing emissions and solving running problems.

Oil Products – There are treatments to restore compression and protect and prolong engine life.

Transmission Products – These treatments improve gear shifting and prolong transmission life.

Coolant Products – These treatments protect cooling systems against corrosion, rust and leaks.

Power Steering Products – These treatments are designed to prolong life, reduce wear and reduce noise.

Phoenix Motor Centre Ltd utilises BG Products to help ensure the very best possible performance in our customers’ vehicles.

BG are global leaders in automotive solutions and vehicle maintenance. Since its inception in 1972 BG have gone on to develop world leading products such as BG44K, renowned for its ability to restore the power and economy of car engines.
BG have collaborated with several OEMs to find solutions to specific EGR deposit and sludging issues, but believe that all cars suffer from carbon deposit issues on critical components such as injectors, piston rings, valves, O2 sensors, DPFs, etc. These deposits inhibit performance and economy. BG’s own research vehicles showed 10 psi compression loss in as little as 10,000 miles, with longer term power and economy shrinking by 4-7% in typically less than 45,000 miles.
BG Products supply a range of pour in products through dealerships, independent garages and franchises that restore power and economy in customer’s vehicles. Plus they also provide tool-introduced chemistry to enable motor professionals to decarbonise combustion chambers, injectors, Intake tracts, EGRs and clean DPFs.
As well as cleaning key components, BG Products offer a range of fluid exchange systems such as Power Steering, Coolant and ATF exchange systems. The BG Power Steering exchange is particularly popular as it exchanges fluid in about 4 minutes, and is offered to customers easily using a very cost effective fluid analysis.

Example: Oil Service

Our skilled technician will:
• Change engine oil and filter.
• Lubricate chassis.
• Top up fluids.
• Install BG MOA,® a top-quality engine oil additive that fortifies the oil, providing for optimum engine performance and long-lasting engine protection.


Using BG products at oil change our skilled technicians will:

• Remove piston ring deposits
• Remove heavy oil residues from crankcase
• Remove varnish from piston walls
• Remove carbon deposits
• Restores compression
• Lowers tailpipe emissions
• Reduces oil consumption by restoring ring function
• Improves overall power and engine efficiency
• Harmless to oil pumps, seals and gaskets

All this will save you £££’s on fuel, maintenance and your car will drive better.


Example: Gear Box

Why carry out automatic transmission service?

The biggest enemy of an automatic transmission is the heat generated by the constant friction of clutch plates. Transmission fluid that is changed at recommended intervals help disperse heat better, lubricates clutch plates and contains fresh detergents to keep the transmission clean and operating properly.

If the fluid is not changed at recommended intervals, over time important additives oxidize and break down, reducing the ability of the fluid to lubricate and protect. This may cause acid, rust and sludge in the fluid, which is the leading cause of transmission failure.

Conventional transmission service leaves about 60% of the old fluid still in the system in the torque converter and oil cooler this can cause malfunction of the transmission or complete failure.

Our premier automatic transmission service

Flush, Exchange and Condition

Using our state-of-the art BG PF5 system will power flush your transmission, will thoroughly exchange the old oil for new fully synthetic oil and ACT plus soft shift formula conditioner including torque converter and oil cooler

Some of the benefits of Automatic transmission service
Extends transmission life by providing resistance to oxidation, sludge formation and varnish
Reduces risk of premature transmission failure
Fresh fluid reduces wear and scouring of clutch plates

Some manufactures advise that there transmissions are sealed for life, however we all know that in the real world even the best specification oils degrade, and what exactly does Lifetime mean?

We believe that the lifetime of your transmission can be extended with a service every 40,000 miles or every 4 years and in our experience not changing the oil has caused problems including slow or jerky gearshifts and in some cases premature transmission failure.

Regular servicing will restore the efficiency of your transmission and you will have that” like new feel” again with many miles of trouble free operation.

We recommend you should have you transmission serviced every 40,000 miles or every 4 years

For our premier service price start at £220.00 plus VAT

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