Brake Pad And Disc Replacement

How do I know if my brake pads and discs needs replacing?

Your brake pads and discs, by design, wear down over time and should be replaced in accordance with your manufacturers guidelines. Many factors will effect how long your brake pads and discs need before replacement becomes neccessary, such as driving style, brake pad and disc material, traffic and environmental conditions. The following may suggest you need your brake pads and discs replacing.

  • Squeaky or squealing brakes
  • Grinding or scraping sound when braking
  • Juddering when braking
  • MOT failure or advisory on brake replacement
  • Brake pad wear warning light
  • Brake pad wear marker reached
  • Scoring or scratching on the brake discs

How much will it cost to replace my brake pads and discs?

Prices will vary between makes and models of car. Call us & we can give you the best possible price on replacing your brakes.

We offer main dealer service at local prices. Our technicians are expertly trained in all car manufacturer braking systems and have years of experience. Call us for a competitive quote on your replacement brake pads.

Note: we can replace all types of brake pads and discs from steel to carbon ceramic & performance parts. We only ever use genuine parts for your car & protect your manufacturer warranty.

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