Timing Belt Replacement

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Timing Belt Replacement

We can repair & replace timing belts on all Makes & Models of car.

If your car cannot be driven, let us know & we can arrange collection from your location.

  • Save up to 60% on main dealer repair prices
  • Manufacturer warranty protected repairs on new cars
  • Water pump & tensioners replaced at same time
  • Repairs guaranteed
  • Extensive timing belt replacement experience
  • Trading Standards approved garage
  • Fast repair service to get you back on the road

Why do I need to replace my timing belt

If your timing belt needs replacing, take action immediately. Failure to replace your timing belt when damaged or at the indicated service interval can seriously damage your engine. A timing belt failure could lead to piston & valve damage – a very expensive and potentially uneconomical problem to repair!

How do I know if my timing belt needs replacing?

Your timing belt should be replaced at the interval specified by your manufacturer, but due to vehicle usage and the conditions in which it is driven, the belt may need to be replaced earlier. If you are experiencing any of the following, you have a potential timing belt wear.

  • Ticking noise from the engine
  • Increased engine temperature or overheating
  • Increase in fuel usage
  • Engine won’t turn over
  • Engine mis-fires
  • Oil leak from front of engine

How much will it cost to replace my timing belt?

Prices will vary between makes and models of car. Call us & we can give you the best possible price on replacing your timing belt.

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