The Audi A5 Clutch Replacement!

How Did We Do It?

Recently, we here at Phoenix Motor Centre had a clutch replacement on a beautiful Audi A5 model from 2009; and what a job!

IMG_0657The A5 is a hugely popular model in the Audi range that spans Coupé, Sportback and the Cabriolet. Beautiful, sleek and fast; it was IMG_0658crucial that the clutch replacement be sorted as quick as possible.

Just a little background info: within a car, a cog like component called the flywheel helps turn the engine on once the key is in the ignition of a car. Similarly, the clutch is also cog or disc like in
The flywheel is equipped with a friction surface that when in contact with the clutch disc friction surface, allows the car wheels to move. The symptoms of a slipping clutch are typically when the revs go up but the car doesn’t move very fast, as there is less contact on the flywheel. This is a more common problem among clutches as it is usually the friction material on the clutch that begins to wear away.

IMG_0659Unfortunately, all clutches will start slipping eventually as it is a wear and tear item and there is no real way of preventing it beginning to slip. At Phoenix Motor Centre, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and ability to repair everything, receiving constant positive reviews; we jumped at the challenge!IMG_0660
So in order to sort the clutch replacement, we had to remove the gearbox entirely to replace the clutch and the dual mass flywheel, essentially taking much of the car to pieces. The pictures featured are our own handy work! Having taken the gearbox out and replaced the clutch entirely.

Soon the Audi A5 2009 model was up and running again.